My Teaching Philosophy

Passion, Patience, Persistence, and Commitment = ART

My passion…

My passion for education lies in creating an environment of problem-solving and critical thinking. I use curriculum design to scaffold media skills and techniques to slowly build the understanding of a concept through experimentation and development.

My goal is to find the balance between supporting students through the process and providing guided direction for individuals to find success.  Providing specific guidelines for students to follow and allowing the freedom of experimentation allows my students to learn how to represent themselves through art.

I believe there is an artist in everyone and the job of an art teacher is to find the medium or subject matter that can spark a passion for creating.  Leveraging a student-centered environment, I utilize students interests and skills to develop a lesson or influence a project idea. Art history and contemporary artists are an essential part of the curriculum which I use to influence and inspire students.  In my classroom, I use every conversation about artwork with an open dialog to encourage thought and encourage art appreciation.

I want my students to walk away with the experience of understanding themselves and the world around them through art.  I want students to strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking skills to create fantastic work that represents their unique individual self. I want students to find success and confidence in the arts, which translates back to their everyday successes.