Winter Abound

Winter is in full swing in Maine.

Winter began in mid December with a good dusting of snow, but then covered with rain.  January gave us extreme freezing temps that even I started to get sick of them.  I think my only response is cuddle and sleep.  Got myself outside as much as possible, even though my internal core just didn't want to warm up.  This year is making it hard to be my regular outside self.  Always good to find yourself not as your routine self.

One thing I set out to accomplish this month is painting larger than I have been, wait I think I started this summer. Since I started painting "plein-air" (outside painting) I have been using smaller canvas's.  I thought go big, Justine, you used to paint huge 8 foot paintings, this will be so easy....

Day after day I struggled to 'go big', first I thought it was my paint brush size, then maybe it was the paint?  Questioning myself and realizing I was in full struggle, the cold set in and my motivation kept thinking about those blankets and warm bed to cozy up in.

I have been listening to Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin and I must say this book is helping me get through my stuck.

She talks about habits and how we end up creating our habits and how our personality type can really sway our habits a certain way.  So many great tidbits about how to break or create new ones.  

A great new year/ new you book to reflect on your own personal habits and create new ones. Working to understand my personality better so I can understand my habit of having a consistent procrastination technique.

"Lost with the Rocks" by Justine Lasdin Springer 30"x30" Acrylic on Canvas

"Lost with the Rocks" by Justine Lasdin Springer 30"x30" Acrylic on Canvas

At least I got some legs in my habit race, got one of these paintings done.  30"x30", not 8 Feet, but I will take what I can get.

What's your habit that you are working on?


Got a moment to contemplate many thoughts stirring in my head. Thoughts about what success as an artist looks like to me. Well I think I am getting closer to defining my success. At least for now. I would hope our success can change and take different forms over time. My success right now is getting to my studio and painting.I am so thankful for my husband he not only allows me to run these thoughts by him, he fully supports my work and is my biggest fan (okay my mom, dad, and sister are also in that group). Really I feel I have my own personal critic and advocate right under my roof. I think my next step is recognizing that advocate in myself. Oh I also rocked some more rock paintings along this evening.



Justine Lasdin Springer "View through the Rocks" 20"x7" Acrylic on Canvas $195

Are you warm?

I may be in 4 degree weather today, but my painting doesn't have to be. Does this make you feel warm?Earlier this month my mother traveled to Barbados and came back with amazing photos of rocks. She took these photos thinking of me and my paintings (thanks mom!). I must say that is the best feeling when someone sees something out in this world and thinks of you and your work.

Since I couldn't join her on a warm climate trip. I have chosen to live vicariously through her by painting the rocks that inspired her.

I started these paintings with very dark colors as the under painting, a deep blue and dark red. It really helped bring out the color I applied on the front. I have two more small pieces already prepped to go, but these are the ones I finished today.

Even though my toes where cold at the end, I think I conveyed the warmth and color of a warm climate. However since I didn't really go there I am sure you could see Maine in here too. What do you think?