Every year I take this getaway to an island in Maine that has no fresh water and delicate septics. Life on the island isn't like camping, but it's a simpler life. Still a working island with lobstering October through June and the summer months of visitors from birders, hikers, artists, and the just gotta be there people. My friend and I take a long weekend every year to paint as much as we can and embrace the special energy this island gives. The light on the island is spectacular and we pick the beginning of the summer which has the most light of the year. This year we kept joking that every moment was noon because the sun just kept on shining. 

We embraced the time and it just kept giving us a ton. Many of my non island days I say I can't find enough time. Not enough time in a day to work, paint, eat, visit with friends. But this island gives this to you. The time is abundant. Granted I am not working my regular paycheck job, but painting is the job on this island. And that is the ultimate beauty, to bask in the moment and do what my heart loves.

I have not taken much time lately to create. A lot of time to think and stew on things. Heck I was stuck in my head and was struggling to move beyond my thoughts. I would try to move and kept finding a wall that kept me back. But life gives us walls so we can be challenged and figure away around the wall. Sometimes it's as easy as walking around the wall, but many times we have to get rope and sweat our way to the top only to be stuck.  Moments, time, people, and the earth can guide our way down and that is what my weekend gave me.

A time to really reflect on my creative energy and understand my direction and desire that I want to embrace ahead. I won't go full force and stay on the island for the rest of the summer, but I will bring the island light with me.

I did so much work on the island and it was a great combination of drawings, playful experiences, and finished pieces. There were many struggles and frustrations. Like the day I forgot to grab the white paint or when I realized my easel was missing a piece and I had to paint in my lap. I moved through all this and kept painting and trying and now have a great body of work to reference for more pieces from my studio.

I am as tired as my dog in my sketchbook, but will continue to work on integrating art within my everyday. 

Day 9/10/11

Don't think I fell off my wagon, cart, or bus! I am still cleansing. Was so busy on day 8 with acupuncture after work and then straight to an Ani Difranco concert. So thankful for my old time friend for inviting me out with a free ticket. We got to reconnect from some time in our own space and enjoy a powerful woman's voice! What's not to love! I drank more water than I probably needed, but avoided drinks and pizza. The pizza was tough cause it's my favorite, Otto's mashed potato. I am sure there will be another time. A little disappointed that the concert was seated and people got angry for our group getting our groove on. However, we found the place out of the way with more like minded individuals and shook our groove thang. This is week two, which is an introduction of things like beans, oatmeal, and nuts. Gotta say I am pretty sad that the beans and oats are not liking my stomach. Will keep them eliminated for a little longer and try again. 

I don't have any art to share. My days have been cranking away. Also loose some sleep for one night and can't get that energy back. I truly felt hung over the morning after going out till 11am on a Tuesday night. My body really wanted its eight hours.

So what's better than a nice power breakfast the next morning?

Salmon, kimchi, and avocado!

I keep craving this breakfast, but my avocados are hard. It will be even more awesome when I can also add an egg on top!

Tonight I got out those lentil burgers I made last week. Fried those up with olive oil and they worked!

I would recommend a binder of either egg or breadcrumbs for the future. But they still worked to throw on the top of my salad. It was BLT night in our house, so this was a nice replacement for the bread.

Day 5 Pizza Nite

It feels so good to make it to the weekend. Feeling the length of this week with all my energy for this cleanse.  To be totally honest, while my food and art might look good, full disclaimer... this house is a mess. I have my juicer, slicer, and spiralizer hogging my counter top. I have piles of mail, piles of laundry. Heck I can't even weigh myself because my scale is covered with clothes. The great positive thing about this? My energy is so focused that small details are okay to ignore. I will get to this, I will create a system, clean house and place my spiralizee in a better spot. But for now my mind is clear, I feel so happy, I feel like I can spread this feeling easier to others. They say if we all focus on our own insides we all will naturally be better to one another. In a time of stretched ideas of love, I feel so good to be able to give positive energy out to those who need it! Tonight's food? Pizza! We make our own pizza dough (well my lovely husband and son do) and it's so good. But I skipped it tonight. It was really hard. I wanted to bite into this amazing crust and juicy cheese and pepperoni.

Now I normally make a more veggie focus than the pizza above, but Adrian (son) and I have this agreement that I get a small sliver of his pie (yes we all get our own pizza pie to create). No mama slice tonight, just the drool hanging from my mouth. 

I knew I needed to get some creativity going and wanted to still make a pizza to satisfy my desire. So with all my left over veggies from the week, I first took the baked slices of sweet potato and but them is a pizza deep dish with olive oil on the bottom.

Then I added pesto

More veggies, the baked leeks, beets, and fennel

Sprinkled nutritional yeast for my "cheese" 

Added halved pre baked Brussels sprouts and some wild caught scallops. Drizzled with olive oil and broiled to perfection. Yum.

Oh...and some art! Trees! Getting addicted to trees.