I am in a translucent world lately, allowing light to pass through.  Moving from one place to the next allowing myself to fully flow as life leads my path.  Two of my worlds collided and made me feel as if I have completed a circle.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to finally paint my friend, Michele's, belly cast that she gave me many moons ago and said..."here do something with this".


the beginnings

The underpainting of purple and red.  It is like the veins of the piece.

It sat in my studio for a good decade, until the guy that once grew in that womb had a graduation of high school. What a change coming, her first boy leaving her nest and finding his own path and becoming an independent in this world (well sorta independent, I still need my mama).  I thought, what a great time to finish this waiting project and give the great mama a gift.


Trees of growth

Belly cast with Acrylic Painting

As I painted on her past frozen in time,  I felt my past art pieces arriving from my mind.  With all the work to apply to go back to school I have been reconnecting with all my past work, shows, and experiences.

My paintings and sculptures of voluptuous women that I did back in college were shouting at the top of their lungs in support to complete this project.  I felt so connected to this piece placing my current self on a piece from the past, connecting my body of work with women to my work of nature.  I felt as though this circle was being threaded around me.

As I head back to school this Fall along with Michele's boy I feel so ready to create a new circle that threads into the old.  May our paths grow with all the things we need to keep more circles connecting.

Love the joy on Michele's face.


Michele receiving her belly gift

Graduation day of her first baby boy.