Mixed Media

Oh the smell of oil paints! How they bring me right back to my days of school with paint encrusted floors and a mind fully focused on the bliss of art.

 How does one balance “adulting” and still get the same feeling of school bliss?

 Still working on that one, but the more I stay with my work the closer I am getting.


I have worked really hard this January to integrate everything through the right balance. Not going to say it’s been smooth or easy, but that’s life.

It’s not finding balance, it’s become an expert at balancing.  

Working hard to be present with my family and friends. Keep present with myself through meditation, dance, writing, and the outdoors. Integrate art every day, every moment. It’s all a balancing act, but the more I commit the easier it gets.

Been working on painting bigger and have been struggling with getting the right texture. As my husband reminded me I used to drag my wet canvases out to the beach and pick up sand texture, throw sawdust to create texture.  So this adult ordered some water based oil paint to work with.

Enjoying the update to my process. I ended up buying Holbein Duo Aqua Oil paints which claim you can mix with acrylic. I also picked up some Windsor and Newton water-based oil (my favorite acrylic brand, along side golden) which only says to layer on the top of the acrylic and don’t mix.

Last night I tried the Holbein oils and loved not only the smell, but the added texture and overlay I got in this piece I have been not enjoying the results with my usual media.

Had a blast getting into it. Tell me what you think!