Creative blocks

Well I just wrote a nice little ditty on my new found artist block and then lost it because of some malfunction in this digital world. So this one will be much shorter and maybe a little snarky...cause who has the time to write twice.... I am back on starting the "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron by writing some morning pages everyday, dumping out nonsense. This nonsense has been filling my brain for the last month. And distracting me from my ultimate self. My creative self.

I have had this one painting sitting in my studio staring at me. Wanting to finish it so badly, but my nonsense brain was not allowing me. 

Well washing that bullshit away and moving on! Okay easier said than done. But shit, sometimes just swearing helps a lady move past her blocks. Blocks about whether I am even a good artist, whether I can even make this a career, what am I doing in this life wasting time. Held to money and insurance needs. How do I break free? Well first I need not fill my head with small nonsense details because it is not moving me along.

Hence the morning pages! Try them! Artist or not they are the best thing for this earth!!!

Oh and here is where I am at with this painting....