Showing up


Tonight I finally got out to my studio. It's amazing how many things can get in my way. And it's all in my minds way. I saw a great video about an artist and her practice, and she stated "you have to show up in your studio everyday, even if it's just to sit there and read a romance novel". Oh how I wish I could put my mind to this to make this happen. I can easily tell my mind it's because I have a full time job, but if I was doing my art full time my mind could tell me I need a job to keep my mind busy. Either way an artists situation plays out there is always the challenge of keeping the practice alive by showing up. Sometimes we have to show up and do nothing and that's enough!

I won't share with you what I am working on because it's a special project for my gift exchange at work, don't want my co-workers to get a sneak peak. Will add the photos later. We were challenged to create something homemade. Which is great because it allowed me to get into my studio tonight and play. It also made me realize how much time has passed from my last time there.

One thing I will be participating in is art a day for thirty days in January. My friend is leading our Portland project and we will  have a show in March of our projects. Encourage you all to follow along and do your own creations. You don't have to be a painter, you can do anything. Find your passion! 

An artists New Years resolution, instead of a gym and a Fit Bit, I will show up in my space!

My fun craft project, kept it very on brand: