Happy Presence Days


Well a holiday is upon us here in the USA. A tradition of getting your family together to eat and recognize the things we are thankful for. This year may feel different for many families, with rising conflicts in view points and handling each other's differences. I am thankful that my family all have similar view points that don't cause conflicts. I am also thankful for my small family, cause this four day weekend I will find myself surrounded by just my son, husband, and dog. Our plans to have our cozy slippers on all weekend making food and playing board games brings me such joy.

Now, as far as my cleanse....that fell to the shitter quicker than I expected. I was on such a cleanse high, then I fell off and couldn't find myself to get back on. I went shopping for the turkey weekend and found myself buying things like phylo dough Brie bites. I am really excited to take four days to stuff my face of things I normally pass by. I never buy pre-made frozen items in Trader Joe's. But I found myself filling my cart and telling myself I deserve the indulgence.

Well I do deserve a lot! And I should reward myself. But I think I lead from the wrong place. I was convincing myself that I deserved something because I was holding guilt that I fell off the "wagon" to fast.  

I read something today that said " don't be so hard on yourself when you make the wrong choices, it will be harder to make the right choices". Forgive myself, it's okay to eat the Brie and phylo. It's the overindulgence and eating from the wrong place that gets us in trouble. Why? Because we dig our guilt hole so deep we can't find our way out!

Well my friends! I am not falling in that hole! My leg might get stuck this weekend, but I will grip the grass and dirt with all my might! I will be a conscious eater while all this food is in front of me. I will make the choice to limit my intake and breathe while all this abundance presents itself to me. Embracing each moment as a new choice.

This afternoon my work let us out early and I was able to enjoy the brief moment of the light! I took an inspirational ride with my pup! We rode hard together, shouting out his sled commands with the cold air hitting our noses. I love playing in the outdoors because it really allows our minds to release our thoughts and be in the present. Such a healthy ride for both me and my working pup!

It's suppose to be a rainy four day weekend here, so where ever you are embrace each day, each moment with your full presence. Enjoy the presence of your family, friends, and whom ever you have chosen to surround yourself with! Be patient and practice kindness with each step!!! ❤️