End of the cleanse


Well it's my last day of the cleanse.  I wish I could say my transition was smooth, but I kinda jumped off the wagon. Had a cocktail with a great friend on Friday. I stuck to just one which was good! And it was well worth it both in flavor and socializing after what felt like the longest week.  I am practicing not giving myself such a hard time for  transitioning to fast. I am still working to stay to the cleanse longer by not really fully transitioning. Moment by moment. Gotta say the cleanse was really worth it, but I need to figure out how to balance everything to be more successful.

Saturday was the most immaculate day this fall! Amazing waves crashing on the shore!  Captured great photos to paint from this winter. Favorite part is the waves crashing on the pebbles....

[wpvideo XHFbrEXN]