Day 6 & 7


I was able to clear my scale of all my clothes this weekend, days 6 & 7 of this amazing life changing cleanse. What's not so life changing? My scale. It seems that I have gained 5 pounds instead of loosing them. See? Who said keeping up with laundry is important?  It's funny cause my whole adult life I didn't own a scale. When I met Craig (husband) we threw his away when we moved across the country. I ended up buying one last year in order to get my BMI down for my health insurance. It's not like I get any more money off my health insurance. I just get to avoid these calls with health coaches. Well it worked last year. I passed. It helps to get the clinic to measure me at 5'7" vs 5'6". BMI doesn't account for muscle!  My belief is it should be how you feel and not a number. But I get it, it's a gauge to help guide our health. And heck, it keeps me on track and creates a challenge during the Fall and Winter months.

So, other than my weight disappointment this weekend, I have been doing well. Feeling really good and things are not as drab as they were before I started this cleanse. Great little kick!  I have a bunch of photos for you all to enjoy. 

On Saturday night I was really bored with all the veggies in the week. Really didn't want anymore roasted veggie of any kind and was getting bored with the same flavors. Well I decided to cook some lentils, this is the kick I needed, my creativity is sky rocketing!  I ended  up taking the roasted beets and fennel from Day 2 and mixing them with some of the cooked lentils. I added curry powder and cumin to the mix, tossed it hot on a warm bed of spinach and added some avacado "cream".

Today was prep day. Decided to create some lentil burgers. Sautéed some mushrooms in garlic and olive oil. Changed laundry over while this cooked.

Remember those beets and fennel from day 2? They just keep giving! Chopped those up.

Tossed everything with the lentils, and added fresh parsley and green onion.

Made some patties. These went right to the freezer and then a freezer bag, once frozen. Stay tuned this week to see if they turned out.

Whipped up some sunflower butter...was a little disappointed to see the one in my cupboard had sugar. Lesson learned, keep an eye on my labels. Below is my favorite snack. Carrots and nut or seed butter. This sunflower butter I made by first roasting the sunflower seeds. Then blending them with cacao powder, honey, cinnamon, and a little sunflower oil. Yum!

Next up? Let's do something with those roasted Brussels sprouts from day 3. Really couldn't stomach heating these up and enjoying them again. Is it that funky smell that Brussels sprouts have when you open the container that turns me off? Well a little lemon, basil, and garlic can solve that! Some Brussel sprout pesto! Yum!

Well what goes with pesto? Some crackers. Check out these gluten free, nut free, dairy free crackers. They are so good!

Mixed all those things with water and baked for an hour while I got my base of my painting together. With all my prep for my health this week I can't forget about my work. Below are my studies from Monhegan and from a photo of the same view.

And here is the start of creating a large piece from these studies. Crazy base colors.

Back in for dinner, had my crackers and brussel pesto!