Repeat day 2


The election results are in....oh no that's just my fall cleanse day count that's off. I said yesterday was day 2, but today is day 2 in my cleanse of no dairy, no wheat, no beans, no grains. Kinda of sad that I am only on day 2 today, feels like it's been forever since I started.  Kinda like the election! And guess what, I am staying clear of any info and content about this election tonight and will rise in my new day tomorrow to hear the results. Having to prep my breakfast and lunch tonight really helps with that!  I did vote today! Longest election line I have been in, but it was fun to be a part of it and see all my neighbors and chat with new ones! 

I am tired tonight! Been doing a lot of cooking and prepping for his cleanse. But this is why you all get to see this process. I decided if I needed to journal about my cleanse and had a desire to start working harder to consistently do art I would need to combine efforts.

So tonight in my art I decided to focus of prep. Since my time is limited and prep is the key to being prepared for success. Tonight I sketched the scene that I want to do a large painting from. This is from my 2nd trip to monhegan this year.

It's all coming together 2nd and prep!!!