Day 2 fall clean up


Well this morning I woke up with such vigor! I had such positive energy and really feeling motivated for anything. Took my morning jog, had my green smoothie, and feeling high on life. That quickly faded around 11am. Was it work? Was it the political article I read?  That's right tomorrow is a big day for the U.S.A. It's Election Day and the craziest most tension driven one that I have seen in my lifetime. The energy we have all wasted. I have been telling people to remember their breathe during this time. Cause that's one thing we can control and it hurts when we loose it. And my friends that's exactly what I needed to get through my evening. I chugged along and made an amazing dinner tonight of roasted beets, fennel, and leeks along with delicious salmon. It was so good! 

And it must have given me a good boost because I got out my spiralizer and whipped up my lunch for tomorrow, future slaw lunch, roasted more veggies for soup, and made a turmeric elixir. After all this fun throwing veggies on the ground and realizing my pup loves cabbage, carrots, beets, and zucchini I thought no way can I get my art in.

Draw. Get my notebook. I reminded myself that I love sketching because it's like a meditation for me. A way to release some tension and relax. Many times I sketch before bed and use the time more like a doodle, being free and not thinking about the result. So I sat with my warm turmeric elixir and stretch book. Also got out my gouache paints cause after playing with all the color in my and white just seemed...well...boring.