Fall Cleanup


This morning I had a dream that my dad called and it felt so real. He said, "I didn't die and they took me into surgery and I am here." I said back through the phone as I sat on our yellow couch,  "that is great, I am sitting here with your 20 year old self." And it was plan as day, my conversation and my 20 year old dad sitting in our red striped chair with one leg crossed. But the chair was on the opposite side of where it last was...and boom! A huge crashing sound. Then I woke up to our printer making noises and the clock blinking. It's 4am....but it's the new 4am. And that starts this day. A great day of getting to some fall cleanup completed. I decided to do a Fall Cleanse program with my yoga teacher Melinda Baxter (melindabaxter.com) to help me get some energy back and loose a few bumps that seem to hold on. While reading her program guide, I felt so excited that I chose this path. We are focusing on the lungs and large intestine which is associated with grief and sadness.

With my dad's passing this summer and my body enduring  grief and sadness, this validated my choice so much more.  My grief and sadness for my dad will always be there, but working on this cleanse will allow me to flush toxic energy that might not be serving me.  Give myself the room to breathe, open my lungs and let new energy in.

Well before I started this cleanse, I started cleaning my studio. What a mess! It had everything from a craft hat for work from April to piles of adventures I just kept leaving. It's great to clean all this up and realize how fortunate I was to travel many places this summer and do two art shows. But it also showed me I was holding on and this stuff was not helping me create.  It was dragging me down. And now with this new cleanse focus, how would I keep up with this too?

Brilliant! Combine the two!  And they relate so well! The inside of my studio is like the inside of my body. Together we are going to approach this new journey of organizing, cleansing, and paying attention to it. In return? A finished painting! Just different forms.

So this is the start of our cleanse journey, one that combines both experiences in one location.  I do hope you all enjoy following along and find your own time for a cleanse.

First step of the cleanse? Clean your cupboards of all the bad food.  I didn't really need to do that because I already don't use processed foods, high sugar foods, or nitrate.  What I did need to do is take inventory of what I had, so I organized my cupboards. 

 My studio? It needed to get rid of a lot! I cleaned up the surfaces and threw some things away. I started feeling overwhelmed and realized I needed to declutter more than I could in my couple of hours. Then I took a breathe and realized my studio is like my body! We are taking the time to clear some old things, but it doesn't happen overnight. We need to just stay focused on our goal and take it one step at a time. So, a clean studio is ready for my week. Also, I have prepped some yummy energy balls, my salad for my lunch, and lemon elixirs.