Sometimes you just have to color in the lines


Conformity. Staying in the lines. I was skeptical of this whole adult coloring book idea.  It's not always my style. Staying in the lines. I like to push boundaries , but my adorable son thought of me and brought home an owl coloring project from school.  I love that when he saw the owl, he thought of me. My grandmother was a collector of owls, and my dad has added an owl collection to my bathroom, so I guess it runs in the family. The Love of owls. They mean patience, and this adult coloring thing takes a good amount of patience. Tying to get my pen to stay in the lines kinda tested my patience. The great thing about working on this project is having a better understanding of why people are drawn to these. It's like yoga, you get entranced in the process of filling in the lines. You don't have to necessarily worry about the final end result. I had the comfort of knowing it was going to remain an owl. Sometimes in life we just need those little signs of comfort, that everything is going to work out because we have lines we are staying in ourselves.

Bigger plans out there, helping guide our life moments. Trusting that life will show us the way if we allow t to. Have patience and look for signs. Breathe. Focus. Accomplish.