Feeling abundance 

Well it's not every year that I get to write two times about my trip to Monhegan. But this year is one of them. I am filled with great abundance! I got a second opportunity to visit this amazing island.  It's such a special place and sometimes I wonder why always Monhegan? Monhegan is all of Maine captured on one island. It's far enough away that reception and Internet is spotty. Making it a great opportunity to tune into the current moment. Unplug and paint.

I hiked a ton this time, climbing up and down the terrian and finding little crevices to paint in.  Three beautiful days to boot!

Today, it was back to work. Hard transition for my brain and body. I got home and my growing son looks like what I feel like. He looks so exhausted. The transition from summer and a long weekend and back to the grind....oh how we both are just going to veg out, tune out, and hang back during this transition.

But you can enjoy these pics....happy end of summer, fall transition days!