Sticks and Struggles


Have been away from writing for a while, taking care of my stick. Stick? You ask? Let me explain. I had a team day earlier this month and one of the team building exercises was to each individually have a half cut pvc pipe. We had to line up, connect our pipes, and role a ball from one end to the other. Sounds easy right? Well, as all team building activities teach us, it's not easy, you really have to work as a team. The number one thing that usually happens is everyone wants to be the boss.  My team has done enough of these, that a lot of us know to step down when needed. The second thing I noticed that everyone struggled with? Paying attention to their own stick.

It's amazing how well this team project translates into life. If everyone took the time to work on themselves first, then they can participate with a team. There are so many things that challenge us, sway our attention, and distract us from our own personal goals, our own personal needs.  Humans naturally tend to work to see how others are doing first, correcting others before before themselves, worried about others before themselves, and the list goes on. Not that the formal is wrong, but when your stick is crooked you can't help the team. You can't get to the end goal together.

Sometimes we might need to cut back on things or say "no" a little more in order to make sure we are paying attention to what is right in front of us. 

Step one: Keep your own stick straight

Step two:   Assist to guide the stick of those closest to you

Step three:  As long as step one and two are solid, you are now ready to guide, interact, and play with the others

Step four: Laugh- keep it simple, heal with laughter, enjoy life

This month I had two art shows. The first one I was flying high and feeling great. My second one was great, but afterwards I was not feeling as great. I was questioning myself as an artist, questioning my talent. My second one was after my father passed away and i must say, I let my stick waiver. It's not easy to just keep moving on after a loss, it's also easy to keep yourself distracted with tasks, people, and small details. It's easy to push these feelings down and move on with a crooked stick. My stick will waiver throughout life, I may struggle to keep it straight, feel challenged cause it's too difficult. But if I receive the gift of friends helping guide my stick when they can and know when to stop and take time to concentrate on my own stick it will once again be straight again.

This my friends is struggle, this my friends we all have. Tonight, my stick straightens and my creativity soars. I dug into some old west coast photos and spent some time with my roots.  Drawing out the west coast helped me straighten my stick!