Flowing with art


Flowing with passion! What a treat! I have such gratitude that I can take a week to get away and just be with art. Today was the first day of my week long artist residency and what a day of flowing art. So fun to be creative and have all these creative souls working around me. And an amazing place to boot! Val's home was something that I could see Craig (husband) and I on. A homestead in a gorgeous place, with amazing gardens, flowers and structures! Also Val had her studio and a her husband his own workshop and a house in between. Very similar to our current place, but more land.

Today our first class was printing on gelatin sheets. This was such a fun process. Layers, scraping, and stencils. Printmaking in a new way for me, we used gelli plates and handmade gelatin plates. The gelli plates you can be much rougher with, but the homemade plates had a better absorbtion and playable feel.

Then we did this amazing class with fabric, heating it, fusing it, burning it! What fun. I didn't get a photo of it, but kept my Maine feeling with a funky lobster!