It's been a while


It's been a while that I have taken the time to sit down and write.  The good news? I have sat down to paint more than write. My life has been so busy helping my dad in a time of need. My days are filled with filling out forms or playing phone tag with the medical field. How I have come to hate paperwork. And to me it's crazy we still have paper forms. Sometimes I wonder about the person reading the form, and would you have to interpreted bad handwriting? And then there is a huge part of me that wants all our information in one database...I know big brother. But do you know how much time I waste repeating myself? Efficiency. Well I took my annual trip to Monhegan Island, Maine. What a gorgeous weekend. I actually was hoping for clouds it was so nice. We had perfect weather and painted a lot. Next week I am off to Canada for an artist really can't complain that I am not fitting it in. Just doing it quietly. 

 Today driving to work I had the best feeling about my year! I am turning the big 40 this August and I am excited! I really feel like I am so ready for this next segment of life, feeling more like myself and my work is maturing right with me.  This trip on Monhegan I worked to challenge myself and paint out of my comfort. One piece which I struggled and felt like my worst piece, I think is my favorite piece. Just like me. Sometimes I struggle to just be me, thinking about all my shoulds and shouldn't s.  I just need to push through the challenge of life and enjoy this person.  The challenges with my dad's illness has really helped me in many ways. Learned to let the past go, embrace the presence and take everything day by day, moment by moment, and stop focusing on shoulds and shouldn't s and just #makeithappen

Well check out all my #makeithappen moments below