Spring arrives


As I write the sun is shining it's glorious energy, and giving me much needed energy to get so many things done.  The later light has given me opportunity to feel like I have accomplished so many things. What it also gives is the infectious feeling to get outside.  My legs have had opportunity to bike, walk, and run more and add more people whom want to do it with me.  From the solitude of the winter, to the busy bustling spring! A few changes have occurred in this transition of spring. My lovely husband bought me an iPad and stylus and loaded all these art programs for me.  My stubborn attitude in the beginning was "I won't use that, I like paper". Husband was merely trying to give me an easy solution to all my doodling on small pieces of paper and I react with resistance.

Resistance can be such a challenge in our lives.  I am practicing how to break down those immediate resistant behaviors with my father at the moment. I have created boundaries in the past due to his behavior and how it affected my balance. I have worked hard to find balance in what my needs are and address them before giving my all to someone or something else.  Well with my dad's illness, it has brought me back to breaking down some resistant behaviors and giving some understanding, trust, and forgiveness back to him.  I am not going to say it's easy, but I am working to let go of the past and embrace the future with less resistance while still keeping my balance. Remembering everyday that life is a practice really helps me keep things in perspective.

So while I might have resisted this digital land at first, I have embraced it! And now I am having so much fun with it. I won't let go of the real paint and paper, but when time feels short and my art is the last on my list, I can practice. I have tried many programs, but hands down the best has been the Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch apps for an artist.  I just wish they would merge these programs. But here are two examples from each program.