Better and time


As I doodle while talking on the phone, I realize I have been thrown out of my rhythm.  It started with a cold and preserving my energy, but then my dad being hospitalized threw that rhythm off even more. During my visit with my dad (whom was fighting with multiple organs shutting down on him) the word time kept appearing.  I usually try to remind myself that I have an abundance of time in order not to feel overwhelmed by all my "to do's".  So, during my visit with my dad I reminded him of the one thing he has is an abundance of time. Time to heal, time to recover. Then all the doctors and nurses kept reiterating that all my dad needs is time.  There was no treatment, but time.  

Today as I stare at my doodle and feel loss for not spending the time at my art, I remind myself that the prescription of time will always be on my side.  And I realize even a doodle can award my need to be creative and there is time to get back in a rhythm.

Better is another word I am holding close this week.  My co-worker has a great saying "strive for better instead of perfect".  Sometimes we hold ourselves to such perfection in our minds.  Disappointment that we didn't accomplish what our minds eye sees it can do.  But if you step back and say "it's better than not doing anything", you can learn to appreciate and accept that small steps are better than no steps at all.  So as I stare at my doodle I remind myself that this is better than nothing and time will give me an abundance of art.   Letting go of all my should's, if's, and but's because striving for better is so much easier!