Work week


Tonight brings the end of this work week to a close.  It's funny how some weeks can feel like such an overwhelming chaotic mess.  I was feeling very distracted and not able to focus on the tasks I really wanted to accomplish this week and maybe the last two.  Many people were feeling this along with me this week. Energy in the air? The longing for Spring? This week the temperature started warm with some good buckets of rain.  During my morning walk on Monday the birds were still chirping through all that rain, then Wednesday and Thursday got a little colder, but those birds were still out there singing their song.  This morning? Our 8 degree weather, not a single chirp.  How we all can feel the same as these birds, excited and chirping starting on a project and really focused.  Then things come up, priorities that put things off and our chirping can end.  Sorta like starting to eat healthy and excerise at this new year.  You start to get into a routine and then some hiccup comes along and a week later you forget your routine.

Well this can happen in our creativity.  Finding the s way to rebound is always the challenge. Finding a way to get into a routine by practicing creativity.  I think practice is a key word.  To practice is "the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use".

The "I should" conversations we have with ourselves can become all the theories. We can get so caught up in our thoughts and our head that we forget the practice. So taking on the actual application of your belief changes to the "I can". Find the "I can" in as many pieces of your life. 

Speaking of I can and spring. This little piece is part of that work art challenge we have monthly.  Something to push our chirping ideas and really accomplish the application. This reflects my longing for Spring with sharp color taking shape in the focus, the tree.

So, if you have not already done so, find a practice of creativity.