Well I have had to really embrace the last few weeks in a different way than i had expected. My husband broke his wrist and it really made me realize how much I hate doing dishes.  Sometimes I enjoy them cause it becomes medatative, but when I have to all the time? Different story! I have been so overwhelmed by doing so much more around the house.  Keeping up with my health, art, and sanity have been challenged. What I have come to realize?  How much I appreciate my man! Feeling overwhelmed many days, asking myself "how will I shovel the whole drive way, do the dishes, and still get to my studio? Well I did it! And I felt like Wonder Woman accomplishing these things all by myself. I even have used his miter saw! Empowerment.

So here is my latest painting "embracing the coast" because sometimes when you think your going to fall off the edge you find a way to embrace things, hold on and enjoy every moment!