Some ask me how I do it! How do I have a full time job and still have time to paint? Well "somethings gotta give".  That something is usually the cleaning of my house.  Now granted I did the dishes tonight after dinner, but my clothes are all over the floor and my laundry didn't get done this weekend (and I am exhausted).  I do like starting my weekdays with my laundry done, piles picked up, and feeling ready for the week.  Feeling organized!  Well a girls gotta paint, so my son is doing his homework last minute, my morning outfit might not be spectacular, and I will be starting my week with a pile of paperwork on the table.  But my husband got the towels clean so that's a fresh start!  So tonight I did it, pushed myself out to my studio at 7pm and finished this painting by 9pm.  Hands a little tired, but feeling accomplished! This one is based off a photo from Monhegan, looking through a crevice in the many rocks on the island.  

This week may be starting like I am stuck in a crevice. Feeling overwhelmed by all the growing "to do's" I put off. But, if I take a moment to list my accomplishments this weekend they will quickly get me finding the crevice ain't all that bad. Layers of color, many places for my eyes to be intrigued, but most of all an opening on the other side.  That other side might be Saturday when I start the juggle all over again....but I can take it!