Time and rocks


December, the time when the days are their shortest and time feels short.  Why do we busy ourselves with holiday celebrations during the shortest time of year? Maybe it would be really boring on these dark nights without purpose of holiday get togethers. Well, I have taken the time for rocks.  Lots of little rocks with a lot of color.  Taking the time to paint a scene from summer makes me remember all the time I have during the summer.  How going to bed at 10pm seems early in our peak sunshine.  Lately I am finding my self snuggling with a book and blankets by 7pm. My goal this year is to embrace my short days and tendency to sleep early.

My most favorite time? When we start adding minutes to our darkness! I will be putting up my winter celebration lights up this weekend to celebrate the darkness.  And smiling with joy on the winter solstice, knowing we start adding time from there.  They may be minutes, but just like rocks we add them up and get a lot of them!!!