Fast fall moments


I don't know what has been stopping me lately. Stopping me from approaching my studio and getting some paint on my brushes. I kept saying it's the fall weather, the change of time, the lack of light.  But I have come to the conclusion, that I needed fall as a moment to breathe, a moment to find myself, and a moment to find my art.  I have been busy creating different moments in my life.  Closing up the gardens for winter, cooking great soups and baked goods, and reading dynamic books.  I tend to beat myself up when I am not creating "art" and don't look at all my other tasks as "art".  So the past week I let go of the beating and realized I should just embrace these other "tasks".  I realized that no matter the task, it's creating and artistic. It's like always focusing on how fat one is, watching the scale, panicked about what new excerise one should embark on in order to loose weight.  When the focus should be just enjoying being in your skin and feeling good. Excerising to feel good and look confidently at yourself as beautiful.  

Well tonight I have realized how not to focus on the fat, but instead just on the confidence.  Focus on all the things I do create the whole artist self and the best thing an artist can hold is confidence.

Well with all this thinking and doing, I made it back to my studio tonight and finished the painting I started at the end of summer. One painting in fall? I can handle that. Cause it's good and it's me!  Fall is flying by quickly, but Winter I am ready for what learnings you can bring to me!