Jewel island


For those of you who don't know jewel island, let me begin by saying "immaculate".  What does that word mean to you? To me it's a place where I can have full enjoyment of the present moment.  Jewel island is one of those places.  It has no running water, no houses, and accessible only by boat. I take an annual trip with friends in our kayaks and spend two nights on this magical place once a year.  This is the furthest island in the Casco Bay near Portland, ME.  After a three hour paddle we all unload and set up our tents and get ready for two days filled with adventure.  My days always include getting some plein air painting in.  Embracing the colors, the sharp rocks, and rolling waves I work to capture these moments.  Created two small pieces this year, and now I have to unpack all that gear and keep it ready for my next adventure.