Are you warm?

I may be in 4 degree weather today, but my painting doesn't have to be. Does this make you feel warm?Earlier this month my mother traveled to Barbados and came back with amazing photos of rocks. She took these photos thinking of me and my paintings (thanks mom!). I must say that is the best feeling when someone sees something out in this world and thinks of you and your work.

Since I couldn't join her on a warm climate trip. I have chosen to live vicariously through her by painting the rocks that inspired her.

I started these paintings with very dark colors as the under painting, a deep blue and dark red. It really helped bring out the color I applied on the front. I have two more small pieces already prepped to go, but these are the ones I finished today.

Even though my toes where cold at the end, I think I conveyed the warmth and color of a warm climate. However since I didn't really go there I am sure you could see Maine in here too. What do you think?