In the Pines


The other morning I woke up early and got out on the trail before the sun could rise.  It was a difficult task, but mother nature rewarded me with an amazing sunrise just as I was coming out of woods. My current goal is to start to paint from memory more, and not rely on photos to bring in my studio.  So I stopped and really tried to take in as many details as possible.  When I got home (okay it was the next day for I kept getting distracted) I took a sketch of what I saw and noted the colors. On Monday I went to my studio with motivation and excitement to interpret this moment from memory.  I didn't get far, I found a lot of blocks came forward.  Fear that it would be an awful painting.  Scared that I could even paint this from memory.

I walked away from it.  Left it there and took my anxiety and fear with me.

Today is Wednesday and I had a lot that ran into me between then and now.  One thing was a challenging co-worker interrelation that got me reflecting back to my issues and my challenges.  Questioning my fears and reminding myself to paint that ugly painting.  And then a quote in my calendar: "Today i am willing to see how and where i need to change."

Well I went into my studio tonight head on, with gusto,  a little bit of worry and anxiety.  I think that gusto overwhelmed the fear.   I can be head strong and forget that I bulldoze with my energy at work, so today I really tried to twist that around.  However I think I steered that energy into the right direction, my work.  Enjoy.

Justine Lasdin Springer "In the Pines" Acrylic on paper $85

The beginning of "In the Pines"

Sketch from my morning walk.