With the chill in the air and winter finally in its full throttle we bring out things that make us have comfort. Hot chocolate, fires, blankets, and snuggling with loved ones all bring us that comfort.But in life there are decisions we make because we want to stay in that comfort zone. Like always having the same breakfast every morning, stopping at the same coffee shop, parking in the same space. What if we consciously decided to push those boundaries ? I head to my studio and tend to paint on canvas or board. While there is a pile of paper that stays untouched. My studio is running low on canvas and board and as I look at the websites to purchase more, the price lures me away. I can't afford more art materials until I sell work, I say.

So the idea of my comfort zone floods my mind and I decide to push the boundaries. I take out my pile of paper and get started. Mind you, I didn't push that far, but my goal is to continue to paint on paper and push further each time. Push through my style, my layers, my technique, make myself feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable Day 1:

Justine Lasdin Springer "Pebble 2" Acrylic on Paper $85