Welcome back!


Well, I took a little break over the holidays with writing and painting and now trying to get back into a routine. Keyword is trying! Exhausted with giving my all to my fitness, work, house needs, son, husband, and dog. I must say I have been doing well, trying to be in the present moment with everyone. Shutting down technology and really being there. And I have had some great moments of laughter, dancing, and productivity. So tonight all I feel like doing is zoning out in front of the tube, but my dedication to my art calls me. Why, one might ask, if it's so difficult to you continue? A passion one can not choose to ignore, one will not be themselves. So tonight i mustered up that passion and went to the studio.  Where did i leave off, it felt like such a long time ago we hung out.  What did I find?  My paint brushes soaking in dirty water and the dogwood berry painting.  Right where I left off.

Painted a few more little paintings and expressed that passion.  Feels perfect.

Justine Lasdin Springer "small dogwood berries" (4) 4x4 Acrylic on Canvas $195