Paint an Ugly Painting

IMG_9811 My goal tonight was to get to my studio.  It took me a long time to get there this evening because to start I was late coming home from work, had to stop for gas, and have been avoiding buying groceries this week.  So when I got home I had to get creative from the freezer before I could get creative in my studio.

Heavy feet and tired eyes I pushed myself into my studio to work not only on a painting, but work on my fears.  Fear 1:  What if I paint an ugly painting?

So my goal was to paint an ugly one, how?  By just letting it all go and find my freedom in the process and not the product.  I decided not to paint small for this one and use a 5 ft x 2ft board that has been sitting in my studio for a while.



Ka-bam!  A painting and a full release of fear.  I now have myself an ugly painting…now it just needs an ugly frame.