Snow and Rain

Today the weather is a mix of snow and rain, and now mostly rain.  I keep hearing from people that the snow doesn't usually come this early.  My memory serves me wrong for I expect it should be here. I should be cross country skiing every morning by now, however it's not coming out of the sky as I would like.  I would love for it to be all snow, drop the rain please.  But I can't really complain because I love the Winter and the feeling of the cold air on my cheeks as I move quickly to stay warm.  By March I will most likely be ready to change that to warm rain, but for now I am embracing each moment.

My neighbor today was upset at the weather forecast because it said it would be warmer than this and the small layer of snow we did get wasn't suppose to be here.  He was so upset because he just wanted to know when he is going to have to shovel.  I said "you shovel when it snows".  It might have been a bit abrupt, but he thanked me for bringing him back into the moment.  Made my morning that I helped someone be in the present, sometimes I think we create expectations only to find disappointment.

If you just embrace the moment like a surprise.  Its really just an amazing gift that you open up every morning.