Sister 'n' Studio

Sometimes it takes a lot of motivation to get myself into my studio.  I don't have to hop in a car or walk really far.  It's above my garage! For some reason it's like pulling teeth to convince my brain tonight is the night or today is the day.  Many things will come up in my head, like it's so cozy in the house, my dog needs me, my family needs me.  Well tonight I got my gusto and hoped on over.

I am so glad I made it to my studio because my sister called and I could catch up with her.  Well you might be thinking that is another distraction from your work Justine, but I finished 4 paintings while I was talking to her.  It was a perfect moment, catching up with my sister and getting some paintings done.
One thing my sister reminded me of is what I used to say about her and I when I was little.  See my sister and I are about 16 months apart (she would know the exact amount) and when I was little I would tell this story:

"My sister and I are actually twins, but when my mother was eating peas I jumped out of her belly.  I thought my sister needed some alone time with our parents so I pretended I was a pea and escaped.  Escaped I did, I travel all over the world seeing Greece, France, Italy, and more.  Then 16 months later I decided it was time to be with my family."

Well here we are today all grown up (in our own sorta of way) and enjoying great laughter together realizing we both had some experiences neither of us remember or knew about each other but can still connect and know we have each other.  To my sister.