Thankful Throwback Thursday

By Justine Lasdin Springer
Acrylic on canvas $795 48x36

Even though this isn't a turkey, it's a bird and I feel it has the colors of the season.  I also feel like curling up just like he is.

It has been a while since I have sat down and posted something, maybe the Holiday fun has gotten to me?  So instead of ignoring my tendency to ignore my posts i have decided to just write something on this Thanksgiving eve.  It was just me and my family tonight and I wasn't going to cook or celebrate the traditional way.  However, I went out for an overnight work trip and on my way home before our "noreaster" snow storm I had an itch to grab a turkey.  And grab a turkey I did.  Tonight we cooked up a traditional dinner and all ate together.  It was great traditional fun and the turkey turned out perfect (it had one of those pop up things, so it was easy not to screw it up).  I am so thankful for my family, the electricity, our roof intact, and enjoying an evening together.  The dishes are all cleaned up and my next inspiration will be creating pies.  But, after eating so much food, the pies will have to wait for the weekend.