Bad art

IMG_0281-0.JPG"Adventure in Italy" by Justine Lasdin Springer - oil pastel on boards

Is there bad art? Art is an interpretation of one humans expression. Bad art is defined by one persons believe and attitude. This so called "bad art" could be your own or someone else's, but really there is no bad art. It's the social relationship of human opinions that define this term. Weather you are fully involved in the social network that defines art or just a viewer of art, it is a human thought that determines bad or good. Does anyone walking along the beach, see a footprint in the sand, and say "bad footprint"? The true definition of art is an expression of ones self. Weather it is liked or not will be defined by ones self or society. Therefore there is no bad art. Does this ring true when I am painting? No. I myself produce things and then question whether it's "good" or "bad". It's my minds definition that determines this label and confuses my passion. My passion of producing art, embracing the process, and ultimately stamping my expression in a painting.