Studio nite

IMG_0093-1.JPGI set out to paint in my studio tonight. Convincing myself all day today that the nite in my studio is a class and a paid class at that. Well my 4:30 work departure plan became a 6pm departure. Then there is that thing we call food that is good to allow further function and allows me to continue.

So it's 8pm and I finally make my way to my studio. However, can I deny my son who needs his dress pants fixed for his upcoming play? And this pile of fix me projects under them?

One of those projects was taking my husbands shirt from childhood that my son also continued to wear and add it to my sons favorite sweatshirt that he outgrew into... Wala! A fabulous pillow!!! I call that creativity! Sometimes I have to let go of the idea that I won't get to that self indulgent creativity, but can still find that joy in a simple sewing project.