Currently, I live in Portland, Maine and am inspired by the outdoors that surround me in this gorgeous state.

Justine’s Kindergarten Airplane Drawing

Art has always been a focus in my life from drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and teaching.  My first memories are painting in Yosemite with my dad while he took classes (I was lucky enough to spend my kindergarten year there).  I remember him guiding me to just paint what I saw and to let go of what others are doing.  He helped me become so confident in my painting, that when I created an airplane in school I truly believed it was 3-D.  It wasn't until around middle school did I look back at that artwork and realize it was a flat plane.  Sometimes if we believe and trust our creative minds, we can do anything.  This is something my dad gave me at such a young age and I work to continue this simple mind frame when doing my own work and teaching others how to embrace the passion in art.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, North of San Francisco, I started art training taking classes at the Academy of Art in San Francisco during high school.  I continued my studies at the California College of Art and Craft and earned my Bachelor of Arts at Humboldt University in California. I am currently working towards my Master of Arts in Teaching at MECA (Maine College of Art) and will graduate May 2019. I am finding true joy through this process of learning to teach and love seeing the next generation of entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, and thinkers develop themselves through the art room.

I also have a passion for gardening, cooking, and playing in the outdoors.